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Server Rules

Nitefall Brigade is made up of members who are interested in having fun and doing their best. We all have regular jobs and most have families that take up much of our time. When we manage to get online to play, we aren’t interested in dealing with morons who ruin the game experience for others. NfB will remove anyone who does not comply with server rules from the server. If you can abide by our server rules listed here, we hope to see you on the battlefield.

    1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Nitefall Brigade is made up of members who are interested in having fun and doing their best. We all have regular jobs and most have families that take up much of our time. When we manage to get online to play, we aren’t interested in dealing with morons who ruin the game experience for others.
  • 1.2 NfB will remove anyone who does not comply with the server rules from our server.
  • 1.3 Rules that are broken as the result of poor rule interpretation or knowledge will come with a direct or general server-wide warning. If you do it again you will be kicked. If you come back and persist in breaking the rules you will be banned for a period of time to be determined by the administrator. Typically it is permanent, if the warning and kick didn’t deter your playing style, if that’s what you call it, then we don’t have much confidence in your ability to change.
  • 1.4 Some infractions which demonstrate a deficiency of character or tolerance may result in an immediate kick or ban. We just don’t have the time or patience to deal with morons.

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    2. Insane Balancer - Team Randomizer

  • 2.1 Server uses Insane Balancer. During the round the server will move the last player that joined to balance out uneven teams. It will first attempt to move players that are not in squads. This is to encourage players to join squads and improve team play. After every two rounds (on a map change) the server will randomize the teams, balancing them out by the SPM of the players on the server.
  • 2.2 Teams are randomized at the end of each round. Squads are not preserved and it will sort the players based off of their performance in the previous round placing the top two players on opposite teams, then next to players on opposite teams, etc… This is to prevent one team from dominating round after round. (See section 3 for Side Choice and Team Stacking)

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    3. Side Choice/Team Stacking

  • 3.1 If you enter the server and want to try to join your buddies side, that’s fine, we understand. If however, a NfB admin notices you switching toward the end of the round to try to be on the “winning” side then you will be kicked/banned.
  • 3.2 If 3 or more members of a clan come in and switch sides, or wait to join when they can be on the same side, it may be viewed as Team Stacking. If it causes unbalanced teams to the point of players leaving the server, an admin may switch them to opposite sides to balance the teams. If a clan persists in stacking their team, they will be banned from the server. We also know the major players in most clans. If we notice them joining without their tags to try and avoid the appearance of team stacking they will be banned. We are interested in keeping the server populated and competitive and this is accomplished by trying to keep teams as even as possible.
  • 3.3 If the randomizer moves you to an opposite team from your buddies and you switch back during that round you will be kicked/banned. As stated in section 2.2, the randomizer is in place to balance teams as much as possible from round to round to prevent one team from dominating continually. This is in the best interest of the population of the server. If you find it difficult to spend one round playing against instead of with your buddies, maybe you need to make some more friends.

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    4. Base/Spawn Camping and Uncaps

  • 4.1 NfB defines base camping as staying just outside and firing into an uncapturable spawn point with the intent to rack up kills. These points are clearly defined on the maps. Spawn Camping is watching an known spawn point to wait for players to spawn and killing them as they spawn. This is not allowed at NfB, with the following exceptions and clarifications:
  • 4.2 We are aware that the off limits areas are different for Aircraft and Land Vehicles and Players on foot. Just because Aircraft can fly over the Enemy Base/Uncap, does not give them the right to attack players there or destroy vehicles that are sitting on the ground. Keep your aircraft away from the Enemy Base/Uncap.
  • 4.3 If a player remains in their Base/Uncap and fires on the opposition, the opposing players may return fire. Their Base/Uncap is not meant to be a safe haven to stay in and rack up kills. However, sitting near the edge of the Enemy Base to draw fire from within so you can “return fire” is not acceptable.
  • 4.4 Spawn camping is only allowed if a team is in the process of taking a CP. If a team wants to have players watch the Spawn Points while capturing the CP to prevent the counter attack, that is viewed as a lgitimate tactic by NfB.
  • 4.5 Spawn Beacons may be camped by infantry but not by armor or vehicles. If you don’t like it, don’t spawn on the beacon, or have 2-3 players spawn at the same time to take out the defenders.

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    5. Ramming/C4 Ramming/Bailing out of Aircraft

  • 5.1 Ramming is defined as using a vehicle to ram and destroy another vehicle which results in the destructiion of both, is not allowed, and will result in a kick and/or ban.
  • 5.2 C4 Ramming is defined as placing C4 on a vehicle, usually a Humvee, and driving towards an enemy vehicle or group of infantry only to bail out at the last moment and blow up the C4 on impact. Yes, it is entertaining, but it is a poor use of assets and as such will result in a Warning/Kick/Ban.
  • 5.3 Bailing out of Aircraft is defined as flying any Aircraft to your destination and instead of landing, bailing out and letting the Aircraft crash. This won’t even give you a Warning, just a Kick the first time and a Ban the second. If you are not going to use the Aircraft as intended or can’t land then don’t get in the pilot’s seat. If you want to practice flying, do it on an empty server somewhere. Note that if our server is empty, you are more than welcome to join it and have fun doing whatever you want until others join. Once other players join, you are expected to play the game as it was intended.

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    6. Misuse of Console Commands

  • 6.1 Anyone found to be abusing the Console Commands in any way will be banned from the server wthout explanation. We just don’t have time for that.

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    7. Inappropriate Language or Abusive Behavior

  • 7.1 Player names that include vulgar, racist, or profane language are not allowed. Player names that use sexual references or innuendos are also not allowed.
  • 7.2 Abusive behaviour towards other players is grounds for an immediate kick or ban, at the discretion of the admin.
  • 7.3 Racial, national or religious intolerance will be met with an immediate server ban of indeterminate length.
  • 7.4 Witty banter among friends is encouraged, but keep it short. Spamming the chat is annoying to everyone, even if you think it makes you look cool.

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    8. Exploits, Cheats, and Third-party Addons

  • 8.1 Exploiting glitches in the game is grounds for a permanent ban. Don’t “experiment” with exploits on our server or you won’t be back.
  • 8.2 NfB streams to Punkbuster, and we may use our admin tools to take screenshots of what you see on your display, to confirm you have no cheats. If a cheat is detected by screenshot or Punkbuster software, a local ban from our server is the least of your concerns. Expect your copy of the game to become worthless on any PB-enabled server within hours.

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    9. Teamkilling, Destroying Team Assets, General Disruption

  • 9.1 We have zero tolerance for those who willfully ruin the game for others, and we will maintain our reputation in the gaming community as a great place to play without morons. We have observed that the more morons we ban, the more welcomed guests become valued “regulars”.

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    10. Rooftops

  • 10.1 Getting on rooftops is a legitimate tactic as long as there were no exploits used in doing so. For instance, there are certain places that infantry can not get to on their own, however if a teammate flys them there in a helo and drops them off this is acceptable. However, flying yourself there and bailing out of the helo is not. (See section 5.3)

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    11. Stealing Vehicles from the Enemy Base

  • 11.1 We do not allow the stealing of vehicles from the Enemy Base. We consider the fact that because the Enemy Base is an Off Limits Area that entering it to steal a vehicle is also Off Limits. Just because you can fly over the Enemy Base, bail out, and use that 10 Seconds to enter another vehicle does not make it acceptable. Doing so causes the teams to become unbalanced.

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    12. Problems with Players or Admins

  • 12.1 If you have a problem with a player and there is a NfB member on the server, please send them a chat message about the player and what they are doing. We can’t see everything happening on the server and don’t want to spend our time babysitting. We pay for the server because we like to play. If there is no NfB player on the server, please take screenshots and e-mail them to along with a description of what was happening so we can watch for the player.
  • 12.2 If you have a problem with an admin please send an e-mail to and he will look into it.

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    13. Recruiting on our Server

  • 13.1 There is no recruiting for other clans on our server. Recruiting for another clan will result in an immediate kick or ban for all players wearing that clans tag in the server.

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    14. Use of NfB Clan Tags

  • 14.1 The full NfB tags are reserved for Members of the Clan.
  • 14.2 The Recruit Tags, NfBr, shall be worn by all Recruits during their Recruit Period. If a player wishes to become a recruit, the must register on our website and follow the instructions here on the Recruiting Forum. They can not put on the Recruit Tags until they have been accepted as a Recruit.
  • 14.3 The use of any tags bearing semblance to the NfB tags, ie: NFB, nfb, nFb, etc… is not allowed on our servers. We reserve the right to Warn/Kick/Ban any soldiers using either our clan tags without authorization, or tags which are similar enough to cause possible confusion as to their status with the clan.

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    15. Vehicle Use

  • 15.1 All vehicles can be used.
  • 15.2 “Calling Vehicles” is not allowed. This isn’t High School where the first person to “call shotgun” gets it. Vehicles are on a first come first served basis and no player has a right to a specific vehicle over another player.

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    16. Mutiny and Kick Votes

  • 16.1 There is currently no Mutiny/Kick Voting system in the game. If we add one through a Plugin we will post it here.

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    17. Conclusion

  • 18.1 We don’t pay for a server so that you can play like a smacktard for free and spoil the fun for our clan and our guests. Any form of stupidity will get you kicked or banned. We reserve the right to ban any player we feel is detrimental to the server.
  • 18.2 If you are unsure, ask a NfB member. We’ll be happy to help you out.
  • 18.3 We reserve the right to modify these rules as necessary.

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