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We are always looking for mature individuals to join our Brotherhood. Please keep in mind that if we do not know you, there will be a waiting period of approximately 3-4 weeks before an invitation to our TS will be extended. (This depends on your activity on the servers and how much time we spend in a squad with you on VOIP. You will need to spend another 3-4 weeks in our TS before an invitation to become a recruit may be extended. At that point you can anticipate a recruit period of approximately 1-2 months. While this is a much longer period than most clans, we feel it is necessary to fully evaluate prospective members.

    We are always looking for mature, fun players. If you would like to join us please read the following conditions.

  • Age guideline 18+ preferred. (Be honest about your age)
  • Play online when available. We’re out for fun so no scheuled practices or matches
  • Mature personality (Ie. We do not want people who openly abuse people on public servers or chats)
  • Always Squad up and work as a Squad
  • Willingness to wear the Clan Tag =NfB= always
  • No Cheats, Hacks, or Stat Padding!!!!
  • Always play respectfully on whatever server you are on so as not to bring shame on the clan tags
  • There are no dues for regular members. Dues for Admins are $10 per month and dues for a reserved slot on the servers are $4 per month.
  • You agree to NEVER enter a Knife & Pistol, Sniper only, Shotgun only, or any other server that restricts the use of any weapon or vehicle. Those are stat-padding servers and are off limits.

If you agree to those points, please create a thread in our Recruiting Forum with your soldier’s name in the subject line. Be sure to read the sticky titled “Read this first before posting.”

    In your post include the following:

  1. Soldier’s name
  2. Your age (lying will exclude you from membership)
  3. You have read the above and agree to those conditions
  4. If you have been in a clan before and what clan
  5. How did you find us
  6. Why you want to join us
  7. Were you invited to join us and if so by whom. (You will need a recommendation to become a recruit. If you do not have one, please still post a thread and then squad up in game with our members so we can get to know you.)

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2 hours, 32 minutes
  • Rainproof1 : Hi there Moto!
  • Mack Bolan : Moto... good to see you..
  • tardmonkey : Nice to see you back Moto!
  • Skates : Tard, I got it but things have been crazy and I haven't had a chance to look at it. Will try to get to it in the morning.
  • motoman : Holly cow, nice website. Hello to all you guys
  • tardmonkey : Hopefully everyone else will come back too. Skates did you get my PM about the stats thing? Do you just want me to call or text you instead?
  • Skates : Sweet!
  • tardmonkey : MangoJack is back as well
  • Osoloco : DaDiggler? ;p
  • DaDiggler : Kelly???Disco???
  • Falconman-66 : Nice to see Kelly Back be nice to have a round with him when he upgrades
  • Mustyone : hey look - it's kelly.
  • kelly : lookie! its disco!! welcome back dude =]
  • spdrcr : welcome back disco.
  • Falconman-66 : fun times playing with Disco. Welcome back Brother
  • Mustyone : welcome home disco
  • Mack Bolan : Disco... Welcome to the new site... Good to see you
  • disco69 : Shoutie Shoutie!
  • Robot Chicken : hey guys just popping in to say hi. Just making sure nobody has been sucked into the world of warcraft addiction.
  • Mack Bolan : Welcome back...
  • Typhoon17 : Just got back last night, be on today!
  • Rainproof1 : Good for him! Nice to get the time off.
  • Mack Bolan : Typhoon is away on vacation...
  • Rainproof1 : Good games last night guys! Hey, where's Typhoon been lately?
  • Mack Bolan : lol...
  • Skates : Ummm.... It is still listed in the Member's Forums, so if you had checked there you wouldn't have had to "crack" it. :P
  • Mustyone : We can always mess you up by changing it and not telling anyone.
  • Deimir : Hah, I cracked your unpossible password on TS! That'll teach you to not change it for 6 months!
  • DJSTORM : hope to see you all in game tonight
  • Mack Bolan : DJ... I think that is my first vehicle kill ever in BC2... lol
  • DJSTORM : Mack that runover with the 4wheeler was quick&painless lol i walked out the doorway and zooom you ran me over loool
  • Skates : VIP Map Pack 4 is here. Thanks for the news update Tardmonkey.
  • tardmonkey : Thank you guys. Just keeping up my webmonkey title =)
  • DJSTORM : way to go Tardmonkey.
  • Skates : Nice job Tardmonkey!

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