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Overclocking the QX9650/GTX 280
Jan 21, 2009

Well, I’m finally able to enjoy the fruit of all my labor; testing the system out and playing games, tweaking settings, running benchmarking apps and getting a good, stable overclock. Which...

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1 day, 20 hours
  • Skates : Nope, i have a PS3. I think Wrath has an XBox One... I've been thinking of upgrading the console but not sure what direction I'm going.
  • spdrcr : anyone have a PS 4. I just got one and am looking for buddies.
  • spdrcr : anyone have a PS 4. I just got one and am looking for buddies.
  • Mack Bolan : Thx, Skates!
  • Mack Bolan : Thx, Skates!
  • Skates : Just in case anyone wanders by, Happy Birthday Mack!!!!
  • Skates : Some good times in L4D. Trying to run through a level like it was a time trial comes to mind. Better hope you can keep up because Bullet wasn't stopping for you...
  • GrmRprRG : Just signed a lease for a house near the Hood Canal bridge - Woo Hoo! Saw my first sub transit that day. Don't think I'll be playing anytime soon, but missing a bit of L4D.
  • Skates : I haven't been, but am hoping to get on for a few hours Sunday evening.
  • GrmRprRG : Kids! Anyone playing?
  • GrmRprRG : Kids! Anyone playing?
  • Skates : Yes, I haven't been on for a few days to clean it up....
  • GrmRprRG : My we're having a lot of spam in the forum!
  • GrmRprRG : My we're having a lot of spam in the forum!
  • GrmRprRG : Yes, and when it's not raining it's freezing!
  • Mustyone : it isn't that wet this year.
  • GrmRprRG : Everything happened so quick. It's pretty nice here in the PNW. Except when it rains. :)
  • Skates : What!? Grimm is alive and kicking??? How's life up north treating you? You left before we could have lunch. :(
  • GrmRprRG : Hey. Whazzup?
  • Skates : «link»
  • Skates : MechWarrior? I used to play the third one, loved that game! Here's the old forums: «link» ldsite/index.php ?option=com_agor a&Itemid=200011
  • MyBad1 : used to be a link here to the old site? Can't seem to find it.
  • Deimir : Most of my shooty time these days is in MechWarrior Online, if any of the old crew plays that nowadays
  • Skates : I'll be on this Saturday night if anyone is around.
  • Mustyone : Good to hear from you Grim.
  • Mustyone : YES.
  • Mustyone : YES.
  • GrmRprRG : What the...have I been asleep this long?
  • Skates : Thanks guys, nice to see Speedy there too!
  • DJSTORM : Yes the new maps are really nice.
  • Skates : Love the new maps!
  • Mustyone : Great times!! Been awhile with so many.
  • Skates : Good times last night guys! Bullet, Wrath, Dusty, SpeedRacer, and myself in TS and BF4.
  • Skates : I'll be on later if anyone is up for some Friday night fun.
  • Skates : Yes it was, even a little time with Wrath Jr. :)

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