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Overclocking the QX9650/GTX 280
Jan 21, 2009

Well, I’m finally able to enjoy the fruit of all my labor; testing the system out and playing games, tweaking settings, running benchmarking apps and getting a good, stable overclock. Which...

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12 hours, 49 minutes
  • spdrcr : good to hear from you moto.
  • Rainproof1 : Hi there Moto!
  • Mack Bolan : Moto... good to see you..
  • tardmonkey : Nice to see you back Moto!
  • Skates : Tard, I got it but things have been crazy and I haven't had a chance to look at it. Will try to get to it in the morning.
  • motoman : Holly cow, nice website. Hello to all you guys
  • tardmonkey : Hopefully everyone else will come back too. Skates did you get my PM about the stats thing? Do you just want me to call or text you instead?
  • Skates : Sweet!
  • tardmonkey : MangoJack is back as well
  • Osoloco : DaDiggler? ;p
  • DaDiggler : Kelly???Disco???
  • Falconman-66 : Nice to see Kelly Back be nice to have a round with him when he upgrades
  • Mustyone : hey look - it's kelly.
  • kelly : lookie! its disco!! welcome back dude =]
  • spdrcr : welcome back disco.
  • Falconman-66 : fun times playing with Disco. Welcome back Brother
  • Mustyone : welcome home disco
  • Mack Bolan : Disco... Welcome to the new site... Good to see you
  • disco69 : Shoutie Shoutie!
  • Robot Chicken : hey guys just popping in to say hi. Just making sure nobody has been sucked into the world of warcraft addiction.
  • Mack Bolan : Welcome back...
  • Typhoon17 : Just got back last night, be on today!
  • Rainproof1 : Good for him! Nice to get the time off.
  • Mack Bolan : Typhoon is away on vacation...
  • Rainproof1 : Good games last night guys! Hey, where's Typhoon been lately?
  • Mack Bolan : lol...
  • Skates : Ummm.... It is still listed in the Member's Forums, so if you had checked there you wouldn't have had to "crack" it. :P
  • Mustyone : We can always mess you up by changing it and not telling anyone.
  • Deimir : Hah, I cracked your unpossible password on TS! That'll teach you to not change it for 6 months!
  • DJSTORM : hope to see you all in game tonight
  • Mack Bolan : DJ... I think that is my first vehicle kill ever in BC2... lol
  • DJSTORM : Mack that runover with the 4wheeler was quick&painless lol i walked out the doorway and zooom you ran me over loool
  • Skates : VIP Map Pack 4 is here. Thanks for the news update Tardmonkey.
  • tardmonkey : Thank you guys. Just keeping up my webmonkey title =)
  • DJSTORM : way to go Tardmonkey.

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